Sustainability is the heart of our homes.

GreenSmith creates better homes today to allow for a brighter future tomorrow.
better homes today

Other builders are decades away from implementing the necessary innovations, but our planet doesn’t have decades to wait.

Electric Homes are the Future

Say goodbye to utility bills. GreenSmith homes come standard with rooftop solar panels, battery storage, electric car chargers, induction cooktops, and the latest in heat-pump and smart home technology. We help to lower your overall cost of homeownership by building to the following 3rd party certified rating standards: HERS, Energy Star, EPA Indoor airPLUS and Zero Energy Ready Homes. Shouldn’t your house be just as energy savvy as the electric vehicle in your garage?


Indoor air quality in the average home can be two to five times as harmful as outdoor air, with gas burning furnaces, stovetops and interior finishes releasing dangerous chemicals that are trapped inside by poor ventilation systems. Not only are GreenSmith homes free of carbon-powered appliances and outgassing materials, but they are outfitted with advanced mechanical ventilation and air purification systems that provide HEPA level whole-house filtration. Sensors linked directly to your smartphone monitor your indoor air quality continuously and purify as needed to ensure clean, fresh, and healthy air.
A smart move

Centrally produced Sturctural Insulated Panels (SIPs) enable GreenSmith to reduce construction times and speed up homeowners achieving their American Dream – Homeownership!



At GreenSmith Builders, we know that electric vehicles aren’t enough to save the planet. We put sustainability at the heart of every home we build. Imagine a house powered by the sun, with the potential to be untethered from the power grid, and fully capable of sustaining itself without emitting a single particle of greenhouse gas. Other builders are decades away from implementing the necessary innovations, but our planet doesn’t have decades to wait. GreenSmith creates better homes today to allow for a brighter future tomorrow.


At GreenSmith, we recognize that the pandemic has changed the way families live, work, go to school, and play. Many are choosing to escape from densely packed cities, and they want to remain flexible to account for their growing families. Our GreenSmith floor plans allow for maximum flexibility to add an additional office, a space for online schooling, or room for the in-laws to move in. GreenSmith encourages you to customize your home to make it exactly what you need.
Work or play from home

GreenSmith focuses on building homes outside densely populated MSA’s to maximize homeowner life value – more time to work or relax and less time commuting.


Outdated construction methods are a drag on the efficiency and sustainability of your home. Most builders construct everything on site, often using cheap materials that are allowed to sit in the weather for months on end. The result is a lifetime of moisture infiltration and air-leakage, which raises energy costs and harms indoor air quality.
In order to create an ultra-efficient home, GreenSmith starts with software automation in home design. We create a holistic 3D digital model of your house down to the floors and countertops and share it directly with our bespoke suppliers. Our modular structural insulated panels are then manufactured off-site with the same factory precision as your smartphone, and the same or greater durability than traditional frame construction, creating an ultra-energy efficient exterior for your home. Our high performance, insulated wall assemblies are tested by 3rd party certifiers to guarantee air tightness and adherence to local building codes.
The same efficiency shines through in our build times – with our modular techniques cutting the construction phase from up to a year down to as little as two months. Once inside, you’ll notice how extremely quiet and comfortable this attention to detail makes your new home.