Slide OUR MISSION Introducing a different type of home. Slide HOMES BUILT WITH Leading-edge green & smart technology Slide INNOVATIVE LUXURY Eco-friendly, net-zero ready homes.
a different type of homebuilder, a different type of home

At GreenSmith Builders, we believe that how we build our homes is how we build our future.

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    Introducing a different type of home.

    We use leading-edge green home technologies to build your house to net zero energy, zero-carbon, zero health impact standards. While other builders take decades to adopt the latest innovations, we deliver them here and now – engineering and designing every house to build a fully electrified, decarbonized, off-grid-capable home that is healthier for your family, safer for our planet, more resilient, and more cost efficient to own.

    It isn’t just a green home. It’s a GreenSmith home built by our family for yours.

    Eco-friendly, net zero homes.

    Our mission is to build eco-friendly net zero affordable homes with attractive designs, seamlessly engineered to be off-grid capable. Wherever possible, we utilize offsite construction vendors that enable GreenSmith to reduce construction times and speed up homeowners achieving their American Dream – Homeownership!

    Work, learn and play from home.

    GreenSmith Builders focuses on building homes outside densely populated MSA’s in communities with access to great schools, historic downtown cores, parks, and trails for the homeowner looking for yards and extra space to accommodate simultaneous work and school – and less time commuting.

    What We Believe.

    We believe homebuyers deserve efficient, healthy, high performance homes with what we call the triple zero: zero health impact, zero energy, and zero carbon.

    We believe every family deserves the most modern, cutting-edge health features available for their homes.

    We believe that healthier homes will lead to a healthier planet.

    We believe that high performance homes mean lower cost.

    We believe that disruption of the homebuilding industry is a necessity and a virtue.

    Most of all, we believe that how we build our homes is how we build our future.

    Let’s build the future together. Contact us today.

    Latest News

    We post often to our blog to keep you updated with the latest insights and trends.


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